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Tired of spending hours transferring pictures to the “Smart” TV? We can supercharge as many screens as you’ve got and turn them into marketing machines. Updates from BudBytes Online are pushed within 10 seconds automagically and we’ve got a library of videos and photos to make your screens awesome on day one.

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    Easy Setup

    From start to finish, one onscreen menu can be configured in less than 5 minutes and adjusted as often as you’d like.

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    Unlimited Screens

    You can keep your menu looking awesome, and up to date on an unlimited number of screens, in an unlimited number of store locations, at no extra cost.

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    Instantly & Automatically Updated

    Every screen knows when the products it’s displaying get updated on BudBytes Online. Within 30 seconds new prices and stock appear!

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    Free Photo and Video Library

    We all know awesome signage needs awesome graphics. We throw in a library of awesome background animations and photos for free.

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    Insane Customization

    With over 700 fonts to choose from and the ability to adjust colors, sizes and spacing you’ll be able to make every screen unique.

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    YouTube Ready

    Wait, what? You can actually play YouTube videos and playlists behind your menu. You can even blur and mask the video to make it less distracting.

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    Sorting and Filtering? Check.

    “I want to show all concentrates that are less than $20 but have more than 80% THC” is one of thousands combinations you can use to filter products.

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    Works With Any Screen

    If it has an HDMI port, it’ll work! Menus can have 1 to 3 columns so adjusting the menu for small or large screens is easy!



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