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Knock Your Morning Routine Down By 30 Minutes

Everyone wants to have printable menus to make it easy and quick to glance over the day’s selections, but it takes so long to keep these up to date, most dispensaries give up on printable menus all together. We’ve simplified it down so there’s just an icon with a print symbol on it to click when you are all finished. As many menus as you want, as often as you want.

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    Multi Location Support

    Planning on expanding into 20 stores next week? No worries, that’s covered. Every location can have it’s own menus and setup separate from the rest.

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    Unlimited Menus

    You can setup as many different menus as you need, all customized to suit your store and the customers you serve.

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    Auto Pagination

    Have 500 items? No problem! Every page break is carefully and automagically calculated based on your customization’s.

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    5 Minute Setup

    We make it easy for you. Let the system know how you want your menus setup, after that, you’re always one button away from an updated menu.

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    Insane Customization

    Make the print menu suit your branding and location perfectly. Display or hide columns, sort any way you’d like and let the system handle the rest.

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    Filter Everything

    Show items that are between $10 & $12, only show medical edibles, and/or only show items with more than 20% THC. Filter only what what you need!



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